Wow, Texas is definitely not used to several days in a row of subfreezing temperatures. We lost power for a couple of days and no water for 7 days, but luckily we were prepared. (benefit of being a fireman is always being prepared having dealt with natural disasters) Unfortunately, many were not and it has taken a toll not only on the general public, but all the first responders and essential workers. So that means it is time for us to do what we do best, and that is go to work helping others in need. So I thought the least I could do since the streets are iced over is deliver our gourmet coffee to individuals in the neighborhood that can not get out and NEED their coffee.  First Responder Fuel Firehouse Brew to the rescue! And profits from EVERY sale through Friday will go toward the Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation to help first responders and their families in need as well as essential workers. Stay tuned as First Responder Fuel is going to show how you give back and help people feel amazing, inside and out.