Being a first responder for over 27 years, I can attest to the mental and physical demands AND damage the profession can have on an individual. After retiring, I was lucky to have the opportunity to tour the United States and visit multiple hemp farms, extraction companies, labs, and product manufacturers to find the highest quality product that was THC free. The difference I felt compared to other CBD products was night and day and it truly did change my life. So much so, that I formed relationships with the best in the business and started First Responder Fuel so I could offer the same benefits to others that wanted to feel better mentally and physically but were worried about drug testing. Pretty damn awesome to educate fire departments, EMS, and LE on the benefits of CBD for their employees. Once I provide the proof and evidence that our product will not test positive for THC with their employees, the departments have been extremely supportive in us coming in to help their firefighters and first responders feel better mentally and physically. Amazing what can happen when chiefs have an open mind and the best interest of their employees at heart. #firstresponderfuel #savingliveswithcbd #thcfreecbd #hempinfusedproducts #healthynaturalorganicalternatives #gettingfirstrespondershealthy #thcfreehempproducts