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WoHow long does it take to receive my purchased item(s)?
You can expect a delivery time of 3-7 business days after purchase. Please note that processing your order may take up to 24hrs. Tracking information from the carrier might not be available immediately.

Does First Responder Fuel ship to all 50 states?
No. We ship our proprietary organic medical grade hemp oil extracts to all states with the exception of Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, New York, Maine, North Dakota, North Carolina, and Ohio. The United States Farm Bill of 2018 classified industrial hemp as containing less than 0.3% THC. Because First Responder Fuel products contain no detectable traces of THC, we are allowed by U.S. Federal law to conveniently ship to your doorstep other than the exception above.

Can I purchase First Responder Fuel in a store?
FRF can be found locally in Liberty Hill, TX at Liberty Hill Pharmacy & Compounding. We are currently working with multiple retailers who are interested in carrying our THC free PCR products. Once those contracts are secure, we will update the website to list those businesses for retail sale. Until then, First Responder Fuel can only be purchased online.

Can I return a product?
Yes! Under certain conditions, we will accept returns. We leave it up to our customers to know the specific laws surrounding hemp in their country, which may be separate from marijuana laws. If for any reason your order is not delivered, we are happy to take the necessary next steps. For more information, please see our shipping and returns page.

All items ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.


We do have a 30 day return policy on unopened or defective products. If you receive damaged or defective items, please contact us at Info@firstresponderfuel.com within seven (7) days of the initial purchase date. All damaged and/or defective items must be returned within thirty (30) days of the initial invoice date. Upon receipt of returned damaged and/or defective items, we will examine the items and determine whether you are entitled to a replacement or credit. If 30 or more days have passed following the initial purchase date, we cannot offer returns or exchanges. A 15% restocking fee may be assessed on all returns authorized within 30 days or less from the original invoice date if the return is not a manufacturer’s defect.

If your item is incorrect, defective, or damaged upon arrival; we will exchange your item at no additional cost to you.

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper; however, you will receive your money much more quickly in many cases. This time period allows for the transit time for us to receive your return from the shipper (5 to 10 business days), the time it takes us to process your return once we receive it (3 to 5 business days), as well as the time it takes your bank to process our refund request (5 to 10 business days).

If for any reason you do not receive your refund after 14 days, please contact us at info@firstresponderfuel.com and let us know. We will do everything in our power to resolve the issue immediately.

Additional Information
For any questions regarding returns or shipping information, please contact us at

PCR Oil Facts

What is PCR?
Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) is a naturally-occurring constituent of industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) plants. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is being scientifically investigated for numerous reasons. Most people have heard of a cannabinoid called THC, which is the ingredient in cannabis that gets users high. Unlike THC, CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid and does not cause a high.

What is PCR oil, and how does it work?
Scientists have discovered more than 100+ phytonutrients in the cannabis plant. PCR, is one of those compounds. PCR does not cause the “high” that comes with other cannabinoids, such as THC. PCR works with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help balance the naturally occurring cannabinoids in your body.

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?
The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, is your body’s regulatory system. It helps maintain homeostasis between the central nervous system, the immune system, and many other systems that make up a person’s body. Our own body produces endocannabinoids, and these interact with the phytocannabinoids found in hemp and CBD products to maintain that balance.

What are Cannabinoids?
Cannabinoids are a type of fatty compounds found in the human body, various plants, and hemp. They are the most abundant chemical compound in the cannabis plant. With more than 80+ identified cannabinoids, these play an important part in the balance and health of the human body and are supplemented by the use of PCR oil.

Hemp vs. Marijuana-derived Cannabinoids: Are they the same?
PCR is the same, whether it comes from marijuana or hemp. Marijuana has fewer non-psychoactive cannabinoids and contains high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC – the compound that gets users “high” when taking it. Since hemp contains many more non-psychoactive cannabinoids, it’s the preferred method for using PCR oil. ALL First Responder Fuel products are made from 100% hemp and are guaranteed to be free of THC.

What is the entourage effect?
One of the most beneficial ways the body takes advantage of PCR is through the entourage effect. By taking a full spectrum PCR that contains a wide range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural chemicals, you’re getting more from the product than taking something that only contains a single cannabinoid compound. This is the entourage effect in action.

What is the difference between isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum PCR?
There are many types of PCR oil on the market, including full spectrum PCR oil, broad spectrum PCR oil, and PCR isolate. Full spectrum PCR oil contains less than 0.3% THC and includes most hemp-derived cannabinoids. This allows for the entourage effect and for your body to get the most from our PCR oil. Broad spectrum PCR oil is essentially full spectrum, except it’s refined further to remove as much of the THC as possible from the final product. PCR isolate removes all compounds, including THC, from a full spectrum oil so that it’s 99% pure PCR oil.

Is CBD/PCR legal?
​The 2018 Farm Bill has legalized industrial hemp (less than .3% THC) in the US. However, the FDA still considers CBD a pharmaceutical drug. We recommend checking with your state and local authorities on the status as the Farm Bill left many questions unanswered and states are still determining regulation.

What can PCR be used for?
PCR has a wide range of uses, while we can’t make medical claims to what PCR can or can’t treat, it has been shown to have a positive impact on people’s and pet’s lives.

Will PCR help my condition?
Due to federal regulations, we cannot make claims about whether or not natural PCR hemp oil can help with specific ailments. We do however urge everyone to research the widely available information online. You can easily find many resources about PCR hemp oil and its possible benefits.

Will PCR get me “high”?
​No, PCR will not get you “high”. Our broad spectrum products do not contain THC, and have no psychoactive effects. We recommend speaking with a trusted medical professional before embarking on your holistic journey. Although PCR is generally considered safe, it could also interfere with your body’s ability to process certain pharmaceutical drugs. Both PCR and grapefruits inhibit cytochrome p450, so take extra precautions if you are on a medication that comes with a warning not to consume with grapefruit. Topical or inhaled products could help minimize this interaction.

What are the most important factors to consider when buying oil?
When buying PCR oil, it’s important to focus on the quality of the oil above all else. Where is the hemp sourced? Is it organic and natural? Does the company provide lab-verified test results for each batch it sells? From there, it’s about finding the right product type for your needs. Not all PCR oil is the same, so taking the time to research companies, read reviews, and try different products is essential to finding what works right for your body’s needs.

Will PCR cause me to fail a drug test?​
​First Responder Fuel only stocks products with guaranteed zero THC, not just below the legal limit. That said, you should not fail a drug test if it is THC specific drug test. At First Responder Fuel, we have gone through various drug testing including the standard Department of Transportation 10 panel drug test and have 100% negative THC test results. If you are truly concerned, we are happy to include a FREE over the counter THC drug test for you to use at home.

First Responder Fuel Products

What makes First Responder Fuel better than the competition and why should first responders and others trust it?

Not All oil is created equal-Why?

  1. Our medicinal hemp produces naturally up to 18% PCR oil on average compare this to true industrial hemp that produces less than a fraction of a percent.
  2. This means our first extraction produces an oil of 70% PCR the highest natural amount of PCR of any supplier in the world.
  3. To produce our award winning PCR crystals, we only need to remove 30% of the plant material unlike our competitors who start at 2-10% PCR and have to remove 90-98% of plant material over and over again.
  4. Because of our gentle refining process, our PCR isolate molecules are not damaged or weakened by any harsh chemicals or grueling refining process unlike our competitors.
  5. As a result, our PCR crystals burn at a much higher temperature than everyone else’s. Our PCR can be taken up to a consistent 250 degrees+ without any significant loss of material (1-2% max).
  6. Most other companies PCR will shed 20-30% at temperatures above 200 degrees.
  7. This ability to withstand high temperatures allows our PCR to be used in a much larger array of product formulations requiring higher heat.
  8. As a result of this minimal loss of product, we are the #1 PCR supplier to edibles manufacturers worldwide.
  9. Our PCR comes with not only internal testing, but also 3rd party batch coded testing.
  10. We never use pesticides and there are no heavy metals present in our soil or surroundings where we grow.
  11. Our exclusive supplier is the largest fully vertically integrated grower, manufacturer, supplier of PCR in the USA.
  12. We are one of only a few companies in the world using a patented / proprietary technology that can completely remove the THC from our oil while leaving untouched and undisturbed, the other naturally present synergistic cannabinoids and terpenoids that produce the sought after entourage effect.
  13. This means we are the only company in the world with a true zero THC broad-spectrum PCR extract.

Are your products lab tested?
​Yes! All third party lab test results can be found on the shop page attached to each product. Every products also has a QR code which allows for real time scanning and lab results as well.  We proudly offer First Responder Fuel products with ASTA THC-free verification.

Where is your hemp sourced?
​Our hemp is all sourced in the USA. Our products and practices are 2014 and 2018 U.S. Farm Bill compliant. The certified hemp used in our company’s blends is grown organically, contains no pesticides, no fungicides, no heavy metals, and is free from mildew and mold.