I/we are truly blessed and I need to Thank some amazing people that helped us make last week’s conference such a success. Lucky Leaf Expo did a phenomenal job again of putting on one of the best conferences in the industry. Thank you for allowing me to educate so many through the workshops, discussion panels, and booth. James W. Jr. Johnson and our TSA clients Jenna Johnson and Tyler with Green Quarry Therapeutics for driving 3 hrs to not only attend but step in and actually help us when we needed it. Not to mention JJ and I had some of the largest attendance for our lectures and set the stage for the weekend. Higher Ed. Hemp Tours for always including us and making a point to always keep us in the spot light at these events. Jordan Early & Ryan Early for helping us manufacturer the best products on the market which enables us to continue to set new standards in the industry and help so many people live better lives. Shayda Torabi , Jesse Kerns , Russell Dowden , Joey Love , Charles Damron and so many others for opportunities that either inspire, motivate, or innovate and allow us to grow and continue to help lead the cannabis industry in the right way and for the right reasons. This is my hemp/cannabis family that helps us do amazing things and for that, Thank You.