Proud to have been asked to write for a major cannabis organization/publication called Kush. I now submit monthly articles that help educate people on cannabis, hemp based cbd specifically and it’s benefits. Having been a firefighter for almost 3 decades, I have experienced the mental and physical toll the profession takes on the body. Now that I have experienced the benefits of QUALITY CBD, it has become a mission to help not only first responders, but anyone that has a demanding lifestyle that is looking to feel the benefits of feeling better and getting off pharmaceutical drugs. Quality CBD offers so many benefits reported by our customers such as better sleep, reduced pain, less inflammation, better overall mental health, the list goes on and on. Since hemp based THC free CBD does not affect the mental cognitive ability of people, there is no risk of reduced performance like marijuana based CBD. So there is a difference between the two and people need to be educated to know the difference so individuals can make the best informed decision that fits their specific needs. If your interested in knowing more about CBD and workplace safety, give the article a read.

CBD and Workplace Safety